Lurelly was established in 2012, by Lurell, M., who moved from Jamaica to Los Angeles to start her company.  

Lurelly embodies a bold, yet sensual attitude that is modern and luxurious. Lurell's understanding of the female body inspires the form fitting silhouettes and soft, flowy hues. Each design has an alluring sense of modern edge and appeal. 

In an effort to support domestic manufacturing, all designs are handmade by seamstresses in Los Angeles. 



Perspectives pushes the boundaries of modern high-end fashion by connecting people to people and resources to resources through questions, perspectives, and campaigns. 

"Each day there is brokenness that we see, but often fail to recognize. In today’s rapidly changing society, where distractions are so present, we can become blind to the darkness, pain, and injustice all around and within us.  At perspectives, we strive to shine a light on this brokenness and actively acknowledge the injustice in the world. Just as importantly, we strive to impact the perspectives our consumers have on justice, community, relationship, business, and jesus,” says brothers and co-founders, Cody and Devon DeJardin. 

Perspectives was created in Portland, Oregon and is manufactured in Los Angeles, California



Never Fully Dressed stole our heart all the way from Essex, England. Their signature clean lines, soft tailoring, on-trend pallets, flattering silhouettes and casual femininity are juxtaposed with an androgynous strength. More than this, is what they stand for. "We are all about the community, unity, and diversity," says Lucy the power-house owner of NFD, who has used her line to fund a multitude of charity causes around the world. 

With beginnings that include a lot of hard work and making everything by hand (with an old singer she received from her grandfather as a child), Lucy began cultivating the now incredibly influential NFD with her artistic waywardness and stubbornly strong morals. She is Influenced by her gypsy travels, East End roots, Essex pals, and her ever inspiring parents. The collection was created to have undertones of soul-- to make those who wear it feel the love of where it came from.